ACDT 3 Plugin Screenshots

full acdt window: acdt.jpg

At first enable AspectC++ support via the context menu of C++ projects:

picture to enable AspectC++ support for C++ projects

Navigator shows an aspect header file Action.ah:

picture of navigator with an aspect header file

Editor with additional syntax highlighting and an extended outline (e.g. advice with related joinpoints)

picture of outline with an aspect

Editor signals joinpoints (e.g. class DigitalClock) within C++ files:

picture of editor with Joinpoint Marker

Under Properties of a Managed-Make-Project you find the aspect weaver check box:

picture of Managed Make Project Properties

Under Properties of a Standard-Make-Project you can set the path to the AC-Repository:

picture of Standard Make Project Properties


picture of C-Build-View

Debugging for AspectC++ is supported by breakpoints in aspect headers and by an adjusted 'Stepping Mode' to step into or omit woven source files (*.acc)

picture of CDT Debugging View

Code folding by line macro separators for woven source files is available under 'Window, Preferences, C/C++, Editor, Folding'

picture of code folding properties

AspectC++ Cross References View provides additional information and features. It is available under 'Window, Show View, Other, AspectC++'

picture of AC++ Cross References View

Feature to set breakpoints at multiple join points for selected aspects, advices and source files

picture of breakpoint setting menu in the AC++ Cross References View

Enabled AspectC++ Comparison Mode to check crosscutting changes of two project repositories

picture of AC++ Cross References View with enabled Comparison Mode

AspectC++ Project Properties to configure problem markers and the project repository (for the Comparison Mode)

picture of AspectC++ Project Properties