ACDT Installation for Eclipse

  1. Preparation
    Be sure you have installed Java 1.8 or higher

    Install Eclipse 4.6.3 (Neon.3)
    It is recommend to install the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers, otherwise you have to install the CDT Plugin from the CDT update site.

    Download the AspectC++ Compiler (
    You can set the path to the compiler later in the Eclipse preferences or put the directory that contains ac++ and ag++ into your command search path, $PATH on Linux.

    Install the AspectJ compiler and the Equinox Weaving SDK, which are part of the AJDT, by using the AJDT Update Site
    The Install wizard is opened by selecting "Help/Install New Software", select "Add..." to add a new repository.

  2. Add the ACDT Update Site:
    Use this URL to install the ACDT Plugin
    Alternatively download the ZIP file that contains a copy of this update site, save it somewhere in your local filesystem, and chose the repository location by selecting "Archive..."

  3. Select "AspectC++ Development Tools" and continue the installation
    Note that the ACDT packages are not signed. The installer will ask you to agree with that.

  4. That's all